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Crown Delivery and Logistics


Fast, Reliable, and On-Time are three ways our customers describe Crown's On-Demand Service. Twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, Crown is ready to pick up and deliver your time-critical shipments.

Whether you need one, two, four, or five-hour service, Crown is there to meet your needs. Across town, across the state or the country, count on Crown's On-Demand Service to never let you down! Call us today…

We Handle the Unexpected!

Dedicated Delivery

Steady, Consistent, and Flexible are the critical ingredients of Crown's Dedicated Delivery Service.

Dedicated Delivery solutions are for companies that need an extremely high level of flexibility to meet the increasing demands of their customers while maintaining consistent delivery times at reasonable costs.

Whether you need exclusive use of the vehicle for a full day or partial day, Crown can reduce your cost and provide a solution to your delivery needs.

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Because Flexibility Counts!

Crown Delivery and Logistics

Scheduled and Routed

Precise, Efficient, and Cost-Effective is how our customers describe the Crown's Scheduled or Routed Service.

If you have recurring, time-definite pickup and delivery needs, then Scheduled/Routed Service is your solution. Crown will schedule on the route, pre-arranged pick up and delivery of your shipments, same-day. This lets us save you time and money!

We are flexible too. If required, we can tailor or dedicate routes to meet your and your customer's specific needs.

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We are an Economical Solution!

Delivers Directly to Recipient

Moving, is an incredibly challenging and stressful experience for a company! Crown Delivery and Logistics is ready to help make that move less stressful with professional door to door moving services. Whether moving a small start-up company or a Corporate Headquarters we take the same attention to detail and organization. We have experienced, trained delivery teams scaled to the job requirements, 1 driver and helper to as many helpers as necessary to execute your move effectively and efficiently. From walk-ups, high-rises, and in building moves, Crown is equipped to move your company including disassembly and reassembly of your furniture, and careful handling of your computers, telephone, and personal items! Our fleet of vehicles include cargo vans, and box trucks of various sizes with lift gates. Crown is fully insured with cargo and liability insurance to protect your premises, valuable furniture, equipment, personal items, etc.! Crown offers packing materials for purchase or inclusion in your move and can provide pre-move packing services as required.

Crown is there for you! We get the move done and we get it done effectively, efficiently and on schedule

Security, Productivity, and Effectiveness are reasons why building managers choose Crown as their Package Intercept partner.

Package Intercept is a "turn key" operation where Crown assumes responsibility for all incoming and outgoing packages of a building, then implements a custom-tailored "tenant friendly" system designed to deliver all shipments directly to the recipient, while enhancing the security the building

This results in a highly efficient, organized "Package Room" while freeing up valuable security and management time spent on managing foot messenger/courier traffic. Most importantly, however, your flow of messenger traffic throughout your building is drastically reduced!

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Secure your building today!

Reliable, Short & Long Term and Easy to Use is exactly what Crown's Time Service can do for you.

When you need short or long term temporary service for messengers, mailrooms, shipping & receiving personnel, and any other office services position, Time Service from Crown is your answer.

Operating like an on-demand temporary agency, Crown has become an expert in providing personnel for on-site transportation positions. Length of time is never an issue for Crown. We can cover your needs for days or months!.

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We are Specialized Solutions Experts!

Knowledgeable, In-valuable, and Partners are what customers say about our Facility Management staff.

Crown Delivery and Logistics offer our customers a complete mailroom management service by supplying customized solutions that include absorbing the entire mailroom function.

From mail meter management to distribution, packing, routing, dispatching, messenger delivery, clerical, maintenance, and management personnel, Crown can create a system that is right for you.

Eliminate the costly expense of maintaining an employee network while maintaining control of the process. What could be easier!

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Your Outsourcing Partner!